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Natural Environment
Akrotiri is a village surrounded by natural beauties. The low forest, the idyllic beaches and the wetland constitute only some of the beauties of Akrotiri…

While strolling around Akrotiri, one encounters gorgeous beaches with big colourful pebbles, as well as the beautiful beach of Ladies Mile with its fine sand. Also, visitors can go to the salt lake which is visited during the rainy winter and spring months by beautiful migratory birds such as the Flamingos. Moving on towards the western side of the salt lake, one reaches a small wetland which also hosts migratory birds, but a lot fewer than the salt lake. What is worth knowing is that the Akrotiri Peninsula is considered to be an extremely “Important Area for birds”. In fact, 260 out of the 370 bird species of Cyprus have been recorded in the peninsula of Akrotiri.

For further information visit the Environmental Centre’s website.

Near the wetland there is a community farming area known as “merras”, which is the home of cows and oxen throughout the year.

The uncultivated pieces of land in Akrotiri take up approximately 5000 square kilometres. Additionally, among the various cultivations of Akrotiri there are citrus fruit, olive, vine and vetch cultivations. As far as viticulture is concerned, this has been significantly limited as it doesn’t bring profits since the demand for grapes in the market is never stable. In fact, on several occasions the grapes are left to rot on the vines.

Akrotiri Community Council
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