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Chapel of Agios Georgios

The Chapel is built on a large even plot located southwest of the village and at a distance of approximately 1000 metres from the centre of the village. 

The Chapel is a single-roomed Basilica. It’s a building built with stone extracted from Lemesos while the masonries consist of a double stony layer and are quite thick.    

The superstructure is actually an ogive arch built with stone which is externally coated with lime and cement mortar. The stone used for the construction of the church is evident both from the inside and the outside of the church.

On the southeast corner of the Chapel there is a small bell tower. Basically, two stony pillars which are erected approximately one metre above the roof peak are connected through a stony arch. The arch formed by the connection of the two pillars is where a small bell has been installed.

The corner of the Sanctuary is semi-circular. Its roof consists of a stony semi-dome which is externally coated with lime and cement mortar.   

The entrance of the church is a single door with an arched door lintel.

Apart from the upper door, the Chapel is also lightened through small windows located at the upper part of the church and in the middle of the western wall, as well as by the narrow but long window located in the middle of the Sanctuary’s corner.

The interior church floor is made of Cyprus plaster marble. The Holy Bema is elevated by one stair and is divided from the main church by a modest wooden chancel.   

The Altar consists of a stony plaque which is supported by a marble column.     

Construction Date
No precise evidence exist regarding when the church was built, although according to estimations it is dated back to the 17th century, while it has been classified as a Table B’ Monument by the Department of Antiquities.  

Current condition
The chapel is constantly and thoroughly maintained by the Department of Antiquities and therefore no problems have been recorded.  

 December 2020 
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