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Church of Timios Stavros

The Church of Timios Stavros is built in the centre of Akrotiri, on a large even plot.

The Church is a single-aisled barrel-vaulted construction with a central dome.

The structure of the building is actually a blend of concrete and stone. The external masonries are stony and quite thick. Three sides of the church, namely the north, west and south sides are covered by verandas. The pillars and the posts of the covered verandas have been constructed using concrete.  

At the southeast corner of the Church there is a concrete bell-tower with three levels. The semicircle of the dome and the semi-dome of the triple-sided recess of the sanctuary are shells built with reinforced concrete.  

The Church has three entrances, one in the middle of the south wall, one in the middle of the north wall and one in the middle of the western wall. Two of them are double-hinged wooden doors, while a vestibule made of glass and aluminum has been constructed in the southern entrance.  

Internally, the Church floor consists of mosaic marble. The base is white with some grey pixels, while there are corridors covered in red and black marble.  

The Holy Bema is elevated by two stairs in comparison with the chancel which is elevated by one stair. The Sanctuary is separated from the rest of the Church with a fine iconostasis. Inside the Sanctuary and above the Altar there is a concrete cab. 

At the western side of the Church there is a women’s mezzanine floor. Women can access the mezzanine floor through the concrete staircase located on the southwestern corner.

The roof of the Church consists of a semicircular arch in the central room. The northern and southern parts are flat so that they can also cover the verandas and this creates a bell-shaped facade. All the roofs are wooden and covered in French clay tiles.  

The recess and dome shells of the Sanctuary are made of concrete and are externally painted in the colour of the tiles. The Church also has a climate control system with autonomous split units.

The Church was built at the beginning of the 20th century. In fact, a tablet located on the western wall reveals that the inauguration ceremony was held in 1920.

The Church undergoes constant and thorough maintenance and the building is in good condition.   

Building Surface Area
The ground floor covers a total surface area of 200 square metres. The women’s mezzanine floor covers a total area of 50 square metres and the covered passageways an area of approximately 90 square metres.

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